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Your projects are the engine of our passion.

Our software is the cog that makes it turn!

IT Consultant

The best tool to bring your projects to life.

Pleaseup is a digital company specializing in mobile and full-stack development, IT consulting, pixel-perfect design and emerging technologies.

Pleaseup integrates artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into its products, using the most performant programming languages for web and mobile application development.

ChatGPT API, ReactJS, Angular2+ and AngularJS, VueJS, Flutter, NodeJS, React Native, ElectronJS, Lumen, Spring, Laravel, PHP, Java, MySQL, Blockchain, Magento and WordPress APIs and more.


Meet the team

Pleaseup is a team of highly skilled experts who joined forces to pursue a shared vision: to offer remarkable skill sets and high-end technologies to the clients, helping them to build their projects.

Software Architect
Business Analyst

Where we are

We are a company that works remotely and connects everywhere,
from Lecce, in Italy,
and Tirana, in Albania.


Let’s talk!

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Via Umberto I, 15 – 73100 Lecce, Italy

+39 0832 244418

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